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Epilepsy in India-Basic information

Epilepsy in Indian context

Here, we provide an overview of epilepsy in India, and the recent developments and their applications in the field of epilepsy. In India have more than 10 million persons with epilepsy. Its around 1% of over all population.

The prevalence is higher in the rural (1.9%) compared to urban population (0.6%). The epilepsy burden is 1% of total burden of diseases in the world and excluded social stigma and isolation further added to the diseases burden. In India have approximately 2000 neurologists for 5-6 million patients with active epilepsy. The ratio of the doctor and patients is shows that the need of strengthening of the epilepsy services. Rural and undeserved area epilepsy rate is more than urban area. So there have need of strengthening the epilepsy services in rural and undeserved area. The prevalence of epilepsy in India is 5.59-10 per 1000 population. The studies shows that the age adjusted prevalence ration of active epilepsy in Kerala is 4.7 per 1000 population.

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