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Epilepsy - Indian context

Seizures and Other infections

Acute seizures occur in about 50% of children and in 5% of adults with tubercular meningitis. Seizures occur in about 10% of patients with rabies. Among other infections, Japanese B encephalitis and malaria cause seizures.

The term co-morbidities refers to the co-occurrence of more than one condition in the same person and in people living with epilepsy (PWE). In a hospital-based case-control study conducted at National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore, 60.8% PWE had at least one co-morbidity and 24.8% had at least two or more co-morbidities such as migraine (26%), sleep-related disorders like insomnia (6.9%), depression (5%), and anxiety (2.4%). The most common psychiatric conditions in adults with epilepsy were: Depression (5%), anxiety (2.4%), and psychoses (1.6%).

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