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With Special School students (Buds School - koottilangadi)

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Team Epileptologists Beyond the Borders conducted a lecture at BUDS School (Special school) - koottilangady on 27th January 2020. Dr. Arun Raj Antony ( head of the neurology department, Pittsburgh, USA) leads throughout the session. The session helps to clarify the doubts of parents of epilepsy patients. The parents are so happy with the session. The session helps to clear wrong information about the first aid of epilepsy like "Holding key or iron tools on the epilepsy patient's hand to stop seizure". The team provides a handbook of epilepsy first-aid.

The team would like to inform our hearty thanks to Mr. Haskar, District Program manger - (Social development) and special school teachers, staff who provide an opportunity to conduct a session at special school koottilangady.

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